David is STILL holding one-on-one coaching sessions. Unfortunately, we have not be able to resume group classes. We had to move out of our facility unexpectedly earlier this year and are in the process of finding a new facility that can acommodate group classes. If you’re looking for quality coaching on photography techniques and camera usage, a one-on-one coaching session may be perfect for you!

One-on-one instruction to help you use your camera better.

David offers a limited number of photography coaching sessions each year. These sessions are great for anyone looking to learn more about their camera, lenses, or flashes. While the group classes are a great way to learn the basics, these individual sessions are designed for those who already know most of the basics and have some experience using the camera. These are not intended for professional photographers, but for those who are passionate about photography and want to be able to enjoy it more.

Two options for coaching sessions.

Phase One – $200

Two hour consultation with hands-on practice.

David will spend 2 hours with you answering questions, going through your camera’s menu, examining your portfolio, or pretty much anything else you have questions about. This coaching session will take place at the Greenville studio. You can discuss/practice pretty much anything you want during this 2 hour session. No question (about photography) is off limits. You may want to make a list of the things that are most important to you that you want to learn so that we can be sure to cover as much as possible.

Phase Two – $500

Coaching on a real portrait or landscape photo shoot.

David will spend up to 3 hours with you working on more advanced camera techniques. Some of the things you may want to learn in this photography coaching session are:

  • using a tripod for long exposures
  • using a reflector to control light
  • identifying optimal places and lighting for a photograph
  • using your flash to add to existing lighting

During a portion of the session, you will get to do an actual photo shoot either with a model or at a landscape area of your choice in the greater Greenville area.

If you choose the landscape option, this could be a building/s, park, waterfall, lake, etc. One thing to be aware of specifically for outdoor landscape photo shoots is that these are often best done during specific times of day such as sunset. Due to other factors such as weather, location accessibility, you’ll need to put some thought into a location that is most appropriate for the time allowed.

For a portrait shoot, there will be a model available for approximately 1 hour. Prior to that, you’ll work on prepping your gear, scouting a location, pre-visualizing how you want the photos to look. You’ll then get to work with the model while practicing using different lenses, working with lighting and composition.

For insurance reasons, there are certain pieces of camera equipment that David can NOT let you use for the shoot, however he will bring some things such as tripods, light stands, flashes, radio transmitters/receivers, reflectors that you ARE welcome to use. Sometimes this is a good way to understand how something works before purchasing it yourself.

Contact David today to book a photography coaching session.

David Junker, CPP

You may give a coaching session as a gift. The gifted coaching session must be used within one year of purchase.