What to Bring

Here are the most important things to bring to the Basic Photography Class.

  1. Camera! You must bring a camera! (Couples may share a camera if they would like). Any digital SLR (single lens reflex…the kind that has the separate lens that can be switched out for another lens) is ideal. Canon and Nikon are both popular brands that make Digital SLRs, although there are other brands available. Other cameras that are NOT a digital SLR (DSLR) will be acceptable IF they have manual controls. A point and shoot without manual control features can be used, but you won’t get the full benefit of the class. Be sure to charge your batteries the night before and have a memory card/s with PLENTY of space available! If you still have the manual for your camera, bring it with you. If you’ve lost it, there’s a chance you can find a pdf online. You may want to copy it to a thumb drive and bring it along just in case.
  2. Bring a pen to take some notes! If you prefer to take notes on an iPad or similar device, that’s cool too, but just remember: the more you bring, the more you’ll need to carry with you if we go outside!
  3. Photos that you would like critiqued or that have problem areas you would like to address. Bring them on a thumb drive or CD and we’ll load them up for the big projection screen in the studio. You may have encountered some problems while using your camera on your own and have questions that need answers. This is the time for that!
  4. Wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the weather. We’ll be spending some time outside (weather permitting) using our cameras.

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Start charging those batteries and get ready to learn how to use a DSLR camera!